Sunday, 21 December 2008

Will my camelot collage win me free rent for 2 months?

A unexpected email the week before xmas prompted me too start a collage on a canvas. Basically it was from my rental agency who said they are looking for new artwork for there office in London. the first 20 people too send in a 1x1 metre canvas will get 2 months rent free and the one voted as the winner will get 6 months rent free.

ACE! i thought .. my original idea didn't really work but i then remembered some collages i did back in 2000
that i was happy with, so i started making one similar

In fact it was quite a stroke of luck as it seems to have got me back into Painting/Collage art making,,,, Haven't thought of as name for it yet but here's some pictures ...

it's all sent in now so i'm waiting a responce! ..

bloggy spoggy

Thought id start a personal blog too keep record of music, art, food etc i discover along the way through life!
also too post music i make so as not too loose it (i recently had 3 hardrives fail qand lost everythign!) and art i make ... also random stuff im sure! .. adios - sexy meatpie karaoke project comin up