Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Spannered Oddcast #8

DJ Bus Replacement Service & MC Toilet's amzinggly funny/orginal oddcast
my fav thing i heard in a while


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Tour Finished! .. Geebers creepers

One week removed from finishing my biggest tour and i think it's time to update my blog ..
Here's a online version of a Holiday pics slide show with commentary

Gig 1 . Motion skate park, Bristol (the first and biggest gig of my tour) i debuted my new look. Was meant to be like old man steptoe but ended up more like a grange hill school headmaster. I used my midi controller walking stick for the first time here.

Gig 2/3 - Bristol - hahah ... well dident happen!

Gig 4 - The Sidewinder, Brighton ... Small gig DJ in local pub, kinda like doing the backing track for eating and conversations in the pub .. still fun. .... me and hellboy played some acid, afx, soul, dubstep etc.. got turned off/down when i sent out for a fag and hellboy put ona gabber track off my laptop

Gig 5 - Riskys, Eastebourne - Mental Gig in stripclub. Necroshemalebob was completly wrong and i ended my set (since we were in a stipclub) fully naked showing off my out of shape body for the first and last time .. phew no known photo's exist

Gig 6 Colchester - at this point on the tour i'd just failed to get a russian visa! ... SHIT!
Anyhow off too colchester to play with sam fez at a grotty lil bar!
gabbery as i remeber? .. hmmm yummy usb noodles!

Gig 7 - Preston - Not happy with my set here but was a great buzz from the people!
also it was quite funny when the speakers set on fire as i thought it was a smoke machine .. great dubstep beatboxer doin covers of clasic skream, rusko, benga tunes .// best bit was goin to blackpool with chevrona nd scotch egg! a few pics bellow

Gig 8 - Manchester -
I didnt make it to Russia so my good mate tom hoonboy sorted out a show in manchester!!
we linked our laptops up syncing them with a midi device and did a 2 hour mash-a-thon .. was quite special really, shame no one really came!! still we had a room of psy trancers ravin too our shit!

Gig 09 - Berlin - No pics!? .. good too see all my mates who live in this fine city .. ned, tim, jason, rechal, christian, aaron, sam .. was good gig i think, bit quiet in volume .. karl marx new project is dope

Gig 09 Tilberg - No pics!?
.. YEAHh with sam fez, enjoying holland .. saw great fuckin improv gig rtandomly
gig was fun ...

Gig 10 Amsterdam - No pics!? .. missed my set but got 30mins at the end so that was good .. urmmm kinda salsa/dubstep as i remeber was music policy .. dunno if my old schoool fitted in that well still was coool .. Cheers marcelle!! .. made wrogn dession to go back with crazy graf artist people .. took fuckin ages on the back of a bike for an hour .. ahhh

Gig 11- Cardiff - BACK IN UK! i enjoyed playing this gig more than any other on the tour for soem reason .. 9 people atended and i got ear damage // weird how you feel about stuff sometimes

Gig 12 : Chelteham - Another very enjoyable gig! ! DISCO LIGHT NICE PROMOTERS (LIked wrestling) .. only bad thing is some girl nicked my best tie!

Gig 13 - Nottingham - URMmm dident enjoy playing that much due too FUNCTION -1000 sound system which was hard to work with .. had a hotel though and ceephax was fuckin great

Gig 14 - London -pretty crap show, did not get paid, why does veryone looooooooooooove bassline house, wonky skeletons from bricklane, grrrrr .. no pics excist

Gig 15 - Ramsgate - alternitive type of gig .. brill fuun .. drunk montey python beer with ben's dad, had the famous mum cabbage currry and played through a tv too 2 parents, 2 dogs, 3 normal type punters and 2 teenagers .. yes that's a dog on my head!! PUT A DOG ON IT!

Gig 16 - London - cancalled! still had a boozy night with simon, holly and others .. LOST MY BEMUDA SHORTS .. completly gutted!
Gig 17 - Edinbough - ACE .. back on form! .. NICE PROMOTERS,.. good too see john vv .. had fun, missed out on snogs with a polish girl i think!?!? /.. also Vinyl vandal said he was chopping huis beard and hair offf .. I'm selling my story tooo HELLO magazine

Gig 18 - Glasgow - no pics excist --- good fun pajarma party with added breakcore _+ FROG POCKET who is infact bloody marvelous live

Gig 19 - Birmingham - no pics excist or memorys .. I love hanging out with mat aka roger species anyhow .. that was fun!

Gig 20 - Norwich - Back to my birth place ... gig booked by my deer friend mark, we played togtehr as 2 old gits ,, noise stuff pretty fuckin outsider to be honest .. haha .. good gig which ended up with me and teh crowd hitting and playign cricket with gordon ramseys autobiography .. FUN!

Gig 21 - London - Planet mu night ... boxcutter and snares kicked ass. Good sandwich selection backstage
I feeel a sence of dejavu when playign at 5 at corsica studio's .. 3rd time in a year ..
like groundhog day with burly bouncer stakign me out cos its 5 too 5 ...
anyhow i really enjoyed playign, was a good craic ..
bellow are some pictures of me and james gross consumer getting gay & me pretendign to take a huge dose of lsd which is really a drinks ticket

Gig 22 - Bologna -
good points - Frindly promoters, Fat sound system, good set i played, support guy was good, watched wrestlemaina 25 ..
bad points - impossible to get food, bit too gabbery for me, stuck in a hotel on industial estate

Gig 23 - Cork .. HELL YEAH! .. Megafun i love ireland. Good to be back!
Dined on mussels, steak, wine, icecream thanks too kevin (VERY NICE GUY) .. gig was great, lovely venue, red and si turned up, GREAT IRELAND AFTER PARTY"! // I LOVE IRELAND

Gig 24 - Dublin .. proper spaced out kinda day, nackared .. gig was infact really fun despite me feeling the drag of all them previous gigs. Also 6 foot aprentice and other support acts were fun .. kipped at a place i hold close to my heart .. ARTANE!

Gig 25 - Leeds -- right so i am feelign the tour sickness but mission on! .. good gig in a nice alt venue ..
but weird microphone that just was fuckin oddd .. met up with old house mate fran and had too much fun which made gettign on the plane 4 hours after party finished very hard indeeed .. also got covered in fake bloood

Gig 26 - Galway - FUCKIN AWESOME! ,, aine and joana cooked breakfast
saw scratchign comp in great lil pub with lots of belgium beer .. played a fun fun fun set

Gig 27 - Portsmouth
EEEk how did i get back to uk .. i allways find it hard to leave ireland
Nice promoters picked me up from station .. we watched greece, britains got talent had spagethhi and then went ot venue ... [pretty good funm this gig .. BUT .. YE SBUT i had 3 LAPtop disastors ///
A SOUNDCARD problem, a battery problem and a crash .. .ended up cuttign my hand open and being a bit wild .. eh oh was great fun but hard work due too tour fatuege

Gig 28 - Brighton - Amy down to visit which was v nice! , .. wasent in the mood tonight to play a set at all but still played .. did a pop acid mashes set and then a jungle set ... Chi is awesome

Gig 29 - Milton keynes - Yes very fun, highlight of the eveening was our wrong music BBQ

Gig 30 - High Wycombe - fun gig in a pub/curry house ,,, great support acts .. a keyboard drone band, a guy who sung about the itv show 'gladiators', phill collins and dave benson phillips! was pretty spesh and cementalmental! ace noise circuit bending shit..
Gig 31 - Poland - Urg haha ,.. so so so so drunk. I crashed through a corigated iron thing and stung my bottom on stingy nettles
Gig 32 - Bangface - Ace AS YOU WOULD EXPECT!
my zimmer music work station

WRONG TV Antics were major good fun! ..

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Our anual Disco! .. venga boys, new kids on the block, zztop, culture club .. urm wheres the pics? ill add later