Saturday, 31 October 2009

Radio Darkside

we did a pilot radio show on thursday!
it's gonna be a regular thing on thursdays

The rambling, delusional voice of the Patcham underground.
All manner of shit tunes from the Darkside Megavault with occasional inane banter from Henry Wrong, Tech Diff, Knack Daddy and Vache.

On the air most of the time unless we forget or our pcs crash, but definitely at 10pm every Thursday.

Listen here:

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

midi tap shoes

really want a pair of theese so i can dance the amen snares

Started work on new art piece

I was looking through my toolbox for something earlier and knocked over the bag of cable ties, they spilled everywhere into the toolbox mixing into the culture of crap that had been building up in my box for so many years. Screws, pencils, pens, components, bits of plastic, staples and tons of cable ties .. Looking at all the crap in the box i thought its time to get rid!! .. but as I'm into recycling everything i can, a sculpture piece had to be built...
done a few hours work "hot gluing" today but run outta glue so this picture is
"work in progress" .. hopefully ill find the new stick tonight
I'm pretty happy with it so far, makes me think flowers and helix stationary holders !

rubish at keeping up with diarys/blogs/fast runners

geez i realised i hadent posted on here in ages ..
im gonna try and do it eafhc day now as i think it shoudl be pretty easy to do
and a good record of things i been up too