Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New years resolutions

New years resolutions

ahh shit im so bad at keeping up with my blogs .. its my new years resolution to post simply everythign i see, hear, feel, eat, taste or think here ...
righty so today after doign some spring cleanign and making a new workspace i decided to put single cream on hot roddy's one liners cd (released on wrong a few years ago)
apprently the molde thats created makes teh cd skip and jump in unusual ways .. hope it works!!
also im so happy .. ive recovered an old hardrive that died
his name was UNDERTAKER (yes i name all my hardrives after wrestlers)
was is funny as he allways rises from the dead in WWE
i think im gonna post teh 100 best things foudn on my hardrive tommrow
haha like those anoyign shows '100 best songs' '100 best 100 best shows' '100 best sausages' etc etc i hate so much

so stay tuned for moldey sitar music and 100 best things off my hardrive

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